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Stop me if you think that you've heard this one before...

Yes, I'm a Smith's fan from long ago and still like to dig out my old CD's like The Queen is Dead and Hatful of Hollow and listen to Morrissey swoon on about lost love, life and other sad themes. Sometimes if I'm a bit gloomy it actually cheers me up. Not sure how that works, but it does. I think it has something to do with balance and perspective. When Jessica and I started out on our pilgrimage to find out what "wellness" really means we found lots of information. The first thing is that wellness is never really a state of being that you can achieve, but rather something you strive and work towards continually and constantly. When people say they are well, or doing well, they are us

Using a Broody Hen to Raise Day Old Chicks. (part 1)

This was yet another adventure of ours that we thought we could learn from Google and other chicken sites. Well, as it is almost always true, things are never as easy as they appear when someone else is doing them. When we integrated our last flock in the main group it took a long time. Or should I say we were very cautious and afraid that we'd have a blood bath on our hands if we pushed them together to fast. So this time we had the great idea of using a broody hen (or two) to raise the chicks and help integrate them into the larger flock. So we did our typical homework and started reading everything we could find in our chicken books and online about using a broody to raise day old chi

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