Our little farm beginnings...

     We asked for and received a small prefab coop from someplace like Tractor Supply and quickly realized due to our chicken math that it would not be large enough for all our chickens.  So we then found a bright purple child's playhouse on sale from Leonard buildings. I can't imagine why it was on sale...Anyway, we set out modifying that to our needs and a few weeks later it was ready for our chickens.   We built an area underneath the house for shade and dust bathing and added on nesting boxes to one side.  Added insulation and ventilation as well as roosts with a large catch tray that can be removed from the outside for cleaning.  

     Phase one included a large walk-in run area and an automatic coop door with a chute connecting the two areas.  We tried a chicken swing but the girls wanted nothing to do with it.  Phase two expanded the run to connect with a half acre that was already fenced in with six foot high fencing with inward facing barbed wire at the top, making it close to seven feet high.  We have yet to have any girls even attempt to fly away.  Probably because we treat them like queens and they love us.  :)   Phase two also included raised beds on top of the expanded run for a large herb garden.  We also have several larger raised beds around the property for organic produce.  

     Phase three is still on the drawing board and tentatively booked for this fall and might include a second coop, an area for bee hives and more raised beds.  We'd also like to plant a few trees in the chicken lot for some added shade.  Since we now have our page up we'll be sure to blog about all the happenings at Jurassic Flock Farm!

The coop construction and

phase one of the run.

Phase two of the run and the raised herb beds.

Jurassic Flock Farm 

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