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Jessica & Nathan

Our Story...


I am a former Chef and my wife and I consider ourselves to be professional foodies.  I used to (and still often do) dream about what I'd be eating the next day for breakfast.  It was bad.  About 2 years ago my wife and I decided to make a lifelong change (other than getting married) that would put us on a pilgrimage of sorts to discover what getting well actually meant.  One day red wine is good for the heart (honey, we need more wine!), and the next day it's bad for your heart (ok, only 1 glass tonight).  Who do you believe when there is so much contradicting information being thrown at you every day?  Who is reporting the news?  Companies?  Doctors?  The Government?  So we figured out it was up to us to do the legwork and decide for ourselves what is best, and what true wellness actually is.  So join us, two skeptical foodies as we journey through this changing landscape on our pilgrimage to wellness and start a homestead. 

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