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Free range, pasture raised, organically fed (soy free feed) chickens. Organic produce and herbs. Merry the incredible mini-horse and we now have bees!  


We started with a dream..of chickens?  No, not really.  Like most people leaving their early thirties we took a step back and started looking at how we can better ourselves and our health so we can be here for a long time to come.  We called it our pilgrimage to wellness.  An ever evolving learning experience that has led us to some interesting places and changed what we believe as far as what is truly healthy versus what we are taught most of our lives.  I would call us informed independent thinkers now. Our current journey has led us to raise organic chickens for eggs along with organic produce and herbs.  We are learning about beekeeping and hope to get that started next spring. 

Homesteading on an acre? 

We are certainly in the beginning stages of building a homestead and I know it will take many, many years to really get it to being self-sufficient, but the journey will be great.

Chicken Math is a Real Thing

We wanted to start out "small" and get a few chickens to see if it is something we would enjoy doing.  That number quickly grew from 4 to 9 to 24.  By this spring our total will be around 30 chickens, all laying hens.   

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